Clinical & Support Options Inc. (CSO) provides a wide range of behavioral health services in homes, schools and other community settings. Referrals for services may be made by any individual or service provider. As a community behavioral health agency, CSO believes deeply in providing services that empower individuals and families and enrich the lives of those living in our diverse community.



Community Support Program (CSP)

The Community Support Program provides an array of services delivered by community-based, mobile case managers for youth or adults to help maintain progress within the home and community setting or to prevent potential hospitalization. Services are designed to be maximally flexible in supporting individuals to implement their goals and attain the skills and resources needed to maintain community tenure.


  • Assisting with daily living skills

  • Providing service coordination and linkage

  • Providing temporary transportation assistance

  • Safety planning

  • Assistance in obtaining health care and other benefits

Center for Community Resilience after Trauma (CCRT)

1 Arch St.,  Greenfield



 Services include:

  • Therapy for child survivors of abuse

  • Traumatic stress debriefings

  • Community meetings

  • Alternative therapies

  • Employee assistance

  • Information and Referral

  • Healing Arts therapies

The Center for Community Resilience after Trauma (CCRT) provides coordinated support to victims of crime or trauma. CCRT helps thousands of people affected by drunk driving crashes, robbery, industrial accidents, hate crimes, homicide, abuse, and other crimes.

CCRT’s services are always free of charge to crime victims. There’s no incident too small and no time limit on when people can receive services. Crimes need not have been reported or prosecuted.

CCRT is funded in part by two grants from the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance: the Victims of Drunk-Driving Trust Fund (DDTF) and the 1984 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant.

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Green River House
37 Franklin Street Greenfield                413.772.2181

Quabbin House   
25 West Main Street Orange                      978.544.189

Services include:

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Educational Supports

  • Benefits Counseling

  • Community Integration

  • Housing Supports

  • Peer Support

  • Outreach Services

  • Health/Wellness Education

  • Affordable Meals

  • Structured Work Ordered Day

  • Mental Health Networking

Clubhouse is an evidence-based model of psychosocial rehabilitation that uses the power of meaningful work and connection to a community to transform the lives of adults with mental health disorders.

Green River House and Quabbin House provide rehabilitative vocational, social, and recreational programming. Club members have the opportunity to engage in various work units within the Clubhouse, receive assistance with writing resumes, search for jobs and build interview skills. Social and recreational programming includes evening and weekend "drop in" social times as well as structured activities and scheduled outings. Referrals may be made by any individual or service provider.

Clubhouse members manage Club Cafe, a full-service snack counter located at the John T. Olver Transportation Center in Greenfield. Easy to "grab and go" breakfast and lunch options are always available along with daily sandwich specials.  

All Stars Afterschool Program

34 N. Maple St, Florence 413.387.4080

250 S. Main St., Athol   978.709.0410

6 Arch Place, Greenfield 413.775.6750

Services include: 

  • Age-appropriate social activities

  • Educational support

  • Family resources to support youth at home

  • Individual, family and group counseling to create individualized care

With sites in Florence, Greenfield, and Athol, The All Stars Program is a DMH-funded after-school program that provides therapeutic day services for youth ages 6–18 experiencing serious emotional disturbances that interfere with meaningful social connections. 

All Stars provides structured support and clinical interventions that strengthen youth resiliency and help develop skills related to social engagement, leadership and independence. 

Call 413.774.1000 for information regarding eligibility. 




The Bridge Family Resource Center

101 University Drive, Suite A3, Amherst  413.549.0297

Services include:

  • Family Groups for learning and skill-building

  • Parent Support Groups

  • Educational classes including financial literacy

  • Arts, cultural, and recreational activities: dance, yoga, and more!

  • Specialized clinical supports for youth and their families

The Bridge is a community-based, family-driven program supporting families and their children ages 0–18 years. The Bridge is one of a network of 18 Family Resource Centers across the Commonwealth. All services are free and available to any child or family. 

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STOPLIFT is a one-day educational program for individuals involved in shoplifting. It serves as an alternative to prosecution for both youths and adults. Participants examine their motives, learn about the legal consequences of continued shoplifting, and develop appropriate behavior to prevent further shoplifting.

We welcome referrals from court personnel, police officers, retail security personnel, criminal justice agencies, school administrators, family members, or even self-referrals.

A class fee of $60 is required to successfully complete the program. If a participant requires financial assistance or additional mental health services, STOPLIFT staff will make the appropriate referrals. Classes are offered in Springfield (Hampden County) and Leicester and Westminster (Worcester County).

Behavioral  Health Community Partner  (CP)


The Community Partner (CP) program is available to all MassHealth recipients ages 21–64 who do not have additional insurance coverage. The program enables individuals to identify their own specific health goals, implement a plan to meet those goals, and navigate the system to get access to necessary resources.

The CP team includes nurses, counselors, peers, community support workers and a wellness advisor. Each client has a team created specifically to meet the individual's own health needs. The CP staff provides care management and coordination across all healthcare providers from whom the individual receives treatment.

Call 413.774.1000 for information regarding eligibility.