The Stoplift Program

Services are provided in:

  • Springfield
  • Northampton
  • Greenfield

What is the Stoplift Program?

The STOPLIFT Program is an educational and preventive program for individuals involved in shoplifting and also  serves as an alternative to prosecution for both youths and adults. During a full day class, participants examine their motives, learn about the legal consequences of continued shoplifting and develop appropriate behavior to prevent the reoccurrence of the crime.

Who is Eligible to Attend the Stoplift Class?

Any individual who has committed the crime of shoplifting or other theft-related crime is eligible to attend the program. They are referred by court personnel (probation officers, clerk magistrates, etc.), police officers, retail security personnel, criminal justice agencies, school administrators, family members and at times they will refer themselves.

Is There an Age Limit for Participants?

Participants of all ages may be referred to the program. There are separate classes for youths as well as adults.

Can Participants Receive Any Additional Services?

If a participant is assessed to be in need of financial assistance, mental health, drug, alcohol or family services, the staff will make a referral to the appropriate community-based program.

Is There a Fee For Attending Class?

Each participant is required to pay a fee:

  • Youth—$60.00
  • Adult—$110.00 (adults being anyone 17 years old or older)

What Are the Requirements For Successfully Completing the Program?

Participants have successfully completed the program when they have attended and participated in the class and have paid the fee in the full amount.

When and Where are Classes Held?

The STOPLIFT Program Coordinator will inform the client of the date and location of the class that they are scheduled to attend.

Who are the Staff Members of the Stoplift Program?

The staff members are trained professionals who have experience working with people involved in the criminal justice system. They have the combined education and skills that are needed to provide the necessary knowledge that benefits each client.

For Stoplift referrals please call:


Clinical & Support Options also offers the following Outpatient Behavioral Health Services:

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  • Sexual abuse and trauma treatment for survivors and their families
  • Substance abuse and addictions treatment
  • Treatment for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and general adjustment disorders
  • Case consultation and collaboration
  • Medication management
  • Community Support services
  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Full range of Family Support Services

To make a referral for Outpatient Behavioral Health services call:

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