Center for Community Resilience after Trauma

Healing From Trauma

As of January 1, 2015 the Center for Community Resilience after Trauma is now located with Clinical and Support Options, Inc at One Arch Place, 2nd Floor in Greenfield. Same staff, same services, same phone number, different door. Come see us!

The Center for Community Resilience after Trauma (CCRT) provides coordinated support to victims of crime or trauma. CCRT helps thousands of people affected by drunk driving crashes, robbery, industrial accidents, hate crimes, homicide, abuse, and more. CCRT’s services are always free of charge to crime victims and there’s no incident too small and no time limit on when people can receive services.

Response team members collaborate with the community to plan and implement a variety of response activities from facilitating groups to organizational consultation. These activities provide a forum for healing and empowerment, which can lead to restoration of community and self.

We even offer trauma training and consultation with your organization or business.

For more information about how the Center for Community Resilience after Trauma can help you, please call 413-773-5090

Stories of Healing

The testimonials below are written by people who came to the Center for Community Resilience after Trauma for support in trauma recovery.

Christine’s story:

Hello, my name is Christine. I am here to share my story and invite you into my journey of strength. I can honestly tell you with an abundance of courage that I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I arrived in Greenfield in the spring of 2008. After living in a shelter for 5 months, someone handed me a pen and it gave the name and number of the Center for Community Resilience after Trauma. Without hesitation, I laced up my sneakers, grabbed a backpack, headed to 277 Main St. The office was located on the fourth floor where there were 52 stairs. If there is a stairway to heaven, I know today that those first 52 steps were the beginning of a new life. It’s what I call longevity, free of abuse and oppression. To read more of Christine’s story, Click Here

Armene’s story:

I have been suffering with PTSD and major depression for as long as I can remember. I have experienced every trauma possible throughout my life.  I had been consumed by my emotional suffering, which I accepted as “normal.” I never thought I could or would feel better.  Society, in general, believes that if you exit and survive trauma, then you are all better – Wrong! I have not had a family or friend support system, and I was a single mother for ten years.  Healing is a slow, long process. If you watch a flower blossom, the plant requires a lot of energy to produce the stem, the leaves, and then the bud, the bud takes time to open and shine in all its glory.  All that growing requires a strong root system. I did not have a root system, and I was barely surviving. I would look at my life as one more day I must get through to survive, even though most of my life I was actively trying not to survive. I was surviving because my sense of duty and responsibility to my children, but there was not anything beyond that. Life was really miserable. To read more of Armene’s story, Click Here

Center for Community Resilience after Trauma
One Arch Place, 2nd Floor Greenfield Ma 01301